Canadian Investor Immigration Program: Business Visas

Canadian Investor Applications: Business Immigration Visas

The objective of the Business Immigration Program is to encourage investment and employment in Canada through the migration of people who have the ability to successfully establish or invest in a business in Canada. If you are a high net worth individual, you may qualify for immigration to Canada under the Business Immigration Program. The application process, however, is very complicated and can be lengthy. It is essential that in order to apply successfully, your documentation is properly prepared and procedures are followed. A misstep in making and submitting your Investor application can mean undue delays and even a refusal.

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Advantages of Applying for Canadian Immigration as an Investor

Obtaining Canadian immigration as an Investor has its advantages. If you apply as an Investor, you will not necessarily require a working level of English or French nor have to meet stringent educational requirements. Also as an Investor immigrant, your permanent residence status in Canada will be unconditional meaning that you do not have to meet harsh terms and conditions requiring you to actively manage a business in order to maintain your status.

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How to Qualify for the Investor Immigration Program for Canada

To qualify as an Investor, an applicant destined for any province in Canada you must:

  • Have successfully operated, controlled, or directed a business;
  • Have accumulated through his or her own endeavors a net worth of at least CAD$1,600,000
  • Invest CAD$800,000 for five years with the Department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada which acts as an agent on behalf of provincial and territorial investment funds. (Note: Your $800,000 can be financed so that you could invest say, $200,000 of your own capital)

What About the Investor Program for Quebec?

Investor applicants under the Quebec Investor Program must:

  • Have at least three years of managerial experience in a profitable commercial, industrial or agricultural business or, alternatively, have at least three years of managerial experience in a government, governmental organization, or international organization;
  • Have accumulated a net worth of at least CAD$1,600,000 through legitimate economic activities; and
  • Invest CAD$800,000 for five years in a Quebec-approved investment fund.

Other Immigrant Investor Programs for Canada

There are three Business Immigration Categories:

  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Self Employed

Entrepreneur Immigration Program

NOTE: This program has been cancelled. The Canadian government plans to re-open the category. 

In the past, an Entrepreneur must also meet certain conditions in connection with his or her business in Canada. The Entrepreneur must:

  • Establish, purchase or make a substantial investment in a business in Canada within 2 years of landing in Canada which will result in a significant contribution to the economy
  • Engage in active and ongoing participation in the management of the business
  • Employ at least one Canadian Citizen or Permanent resident other than the Entrepreneur and his dependents.

To ensure that these conditions are met, Entrepreneurs are required to report to immigration officials their progress, on a regular basis within this two-year period.

Self-Employed Immigration Program

To qualify under the Self-Employed category, an applicant must demonstrate an intention and ability to establish or purchase a business in Canada that will keep him or her employed and make a “significant” contribution to the economy or the cultural or artistic life of Canada. Applicants must demonstrate that the proposed business will generate sufficient revenues to support the applicant and his or her dependents. Farmers, artisans, sports personalities, actors, consultants, and operators of small business outlets that may be in demand are examples of applicants who may qualify.

Assessment in this category is based upon:

  • Business ability and experience (when applying under the economic contribution component of the Self-Employed description);
  • Artistic qualifications (when applying under the artistic/cultural component of the Self-Employed description); and
  • Net worth (sufficient to establish/purchase the proposed business)

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