US Corporate Immigration

Expanding your business in the United States can open a substantial amount of opportunities and many foreign business owners don’t know that there is a seamless process to transfer their business AND employees across the United States border. Corporate Immigration was designed for all size businesses looking to recruit individual workers or a group of workers to settle in the United States. But how? Working with an immigration company that has the ability to process multiple visa applications through one process. VisaPlace Legal [ULC] has the capability to help you reach your corporate immigration needs!*

Corporate Immigration Services for Immigrating to the US

Often times within corporate immigration, a large number of employees are transferring to the United States to work for the foreign business that is expanding overseas. One visa application itself can be complex so receiving immigration help to handle multiple visa applications once is the way to go.

US Corporate Immigration Services:

How to Move Your Business to the US

Owning a business is challenging enough but mixing it with immigration policy in the US makes it even more challenging! We always recommend hiring an immigration professional to help you navigate the uncharted waters of corporate immigration.

There are several options for transfering your business to the US including the L-1A visa, the E-2 Visa, and the EB-5 visa.

Each visa has a different step-by-step procedure on how to apply.

How VisaPlace Legal Can Help with Corporate Immigration to the US

Our corporate immigration department handles US visa applications* for companies in all industries. In the process, we have assisted thousands of individuals and companies to smoothly travel across borders to do business. Whether you are recruiting a foreign worker from overseas, require an employee transfer, or any other corporate immigration needs, we are here to help!

Coordinating any kind of international travel for business can be extremely complicated. The more people involved in cross-border travel, the more difficult to organize and achieve success. Those who specialize in corporate immigration matters are indispensable in these situations. A failure to properly address international requirements has deeper consequences than a business opportunity. If immigration laws are violated, companies and their employees can face serious civil and criminal liabilities. These kinds of serious penalties will be avoided by a competent corporate law firm that will plan the most accessible and safe route for global mobility.

*For US visa and immigration services, please visit our affiliate US Immigration law firm.